Win Beat Conqure
Win to be the best يفوز اوينتصر

Our team won tne cup final

Beat : to defeat يهزم

We were able to beat the enemy

Conqure :to win and control a countryيهزم ويستولى على بلد

Alexandar the Great conqured half the world before he was the thirty three

Pery and Victum

Pery :an animal or bird that is killed and eaten by another animal فريسه

Zebra are pery for lions

Victum :a person or animal that injured,huntor killed by another ضحيه

The children are often the victum of divorce

Wonder and admire
Wonder : to be surprised and want to know يتعجب او يتساءل

He wonderes at her rude answers

I wandere why Sara is late

Admier : to look with pleajure and respect يعجب ب

She admired the furniture and decorations when she walked round