Peace, mercy and blessings of God Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon our Messenger of Allah and his family and companions and followers, Today is the second day of the month of Shaaban every year, you are good. Ramadan approached the rest of the time, twenty-eight days in the month of Ramadan, and Shaban in the same season end, it was said Shaaban called as well; because the people between Rajab and Ramadan. Because most Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him from fasting this month; took care of our Prophet owners PBUH reflecting on the mysteries of this month, and did not spare any question but threw him to the Messenger of Allah bless him and his family and his family and him, they said Manrak fast more than this month, months? And he was told him blessings and peace that the month of business presented to God, and the secret Aaah be presented to the business of God in the month before Ramadan? Aaaah like you and you're on the verge of Ramadan should remember that last Ramadan now displays, Aaah like you should and you are preparing for Ramadan to regret your failing in the last Ramadan and that foresees the generosity of God Almighty in Ramadan follows Vtgarn in Shaaban Ramadan to Ramadan.